About Us


How it started

We have a clear mission: to make the experience of specialty coffee a daily reality for every enthusiast in the comfort of their home.

We seek to broaden awareness in the world of coffee, balancing irreverence with a profound respect for the origin and millennia-old legacy of this extraordinary product.

We work on creating remarkable and truly unique experiences of flavors, aromas and textures.

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Our way of working

We are committed to the selection, creation and supply of excellent coffees to all consumers. We work with complete transparency throughout the process, from seed to cup, ensuring that our coffee will be exceptional at every moment.

In addition to the experience of the aromas and flavors of each coffee, we aim to transport every enthusiast to the "terroir" and the experience of the culture from where each of our coffee originates.

We believe in the sustainability of the supply chain and that coffee of exceptional quality should be made available to all consumers, regardless of their economic level or cultural background. We believe that every coffee consumer is a coffee enthusiast.


Respect the origin

Our roasting process is based on a meticulous analysis of the fundamental characteristics of each coffee.

It is a continuous process that requires ongoing adjustments, with the ultimate goal of enhancing all the unique qualities of the exceptional raw material that arrives at our facilities.

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Our community

Coffee enthusiasts, regardless of their level of sophistication, are our professional tasters. We aim to bring the sensory experience of exceptionally high-quality coffee to everyone.